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Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

We offer a flexible Outpatient Program for our clients who are seeking effective treatment for drug addiction and alcohol abuse, but who also may have home, school and/or work commitments. We can also meet Court requirements such as Family Court, Prop 36, Probation, or Employment Requirements.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outpatient Treatment Services

Our outpatient treatment programs are designed for clients who do not require residential treatment and who do not require detox However, referrals are available if necessary after a professional client assessment. Outpatient Treatment includes educational and process groups.  As well as one-on-one counseling. Outpatient Treatment gives the individual an opportunity to interact in a healthy environment while benefiting from a structured program. Our staff will assess each client to determine the length of their individual program.


Outpatient Treatment Goals

The ultimate goal of the program is long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Outpatient treatment clients are educated and treated so that they may re-enter society and lead responsible, successful drug and alcohol free lives by using the tools of recovery as well as their own intrinsic motivation for change. We recognize and fulfill each client's needs by helping them attain a thorough understanding of themselves and the recovery process while providing a safe, supportive environment.